• Earthy Mushroom Soup

    A serious umami treat- creamy, thick soup of mushrooms and herbs.


    • Burrito in a Bowl - Chicken

      All the goodness of a burrito minus the carbs- grilled chicken, brown rice, fresh lettuce, cottage cheese, grilled corn and mashed kidney beans tossed in a chipotle sauce. Served with a fresh guacamole, sour cream and tomato sa...

        Chicken Breast, Brown Rice, Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Kidney Bean, Butter, Iceburg Lettuce, Sour Cream

        Energy : 394.75 Kcal, Protein : 34 gm, Carbohydrates : 33.7 gm, Saturated Fat : 4.1 gm


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          olive oil , milk,onion ,garlic

          Energy : 500 Kcal, Protein : 10 gm, Carbohydrates : 30 gm, Saturated Fat : 40 gm


        • Balsamic Glazed Mushroom Panini

          A rosemary focaccia sandwich filled generously with mushrooms tossed in herbs & balsamic vinegar. This is perfect for when you're craving a little something snacky.

            Ciabatta, Mushrooms, Balsamic Vinegar, Yogurt, Salt, Rosemary , Tomato, Bellpeppers

            Energy : 239.75 Kcal, Protein : 16.08 gm, Carbohydrates : 37.42 gm, Saturated Fat : 1.01 gm


          • Cajun Spiced Cottage Cheese Panini

            A soft ciabatta sandwich filled with spicy cajun grilled cottage cheese, sundried tomato pesto and grilled tomatoes.

              Cottage Cheese, Ciabatta, Tomato, Salt, Iceburg Lettuce, Olive Oil, Assorted Greens

              Energy : 472.1 Kcal, Protein : 27.05 gm, Carbohydrates : 54.2 gm, Saturated Fat : 3.71 gm


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